Exploring Original Nature:

Cultural Studies and Art Exhibition

concerning Lu Gu Lake

The beauty of Lugu Lake and the matriarchal tradition of Mosuo people is not only authentic but simply, which is indeed the gift that nature and history bestow to humanity! However, with the intruding commercialism and consumerism, a pressing social and cultural conundrum appeared: how we can coordinate the development and protection of its unique cultural and natural ecology?

Earlier in 2010 to 2014, for three times, Bova Togo, a Mosuo artists, Mr. Wu Hong, Mr. Li Xu and I as doctorate graduates from China Central Academy of Fine Arts, went to the Lugu Lake area with young artists and other Master program students for cultural studies, sketch and artistic creation. What’s more, Norwegian and the Swedish artists Alfred Vaagsvold and Christina Hallström, as well as Italian anthropology Dr. Stefania Renda, and Dr. Zhao Xingyuan, an expert in art history with the China Central Academy of Fine Arts joined other Chinese artists for the fourth study and creation trip to Lugu Lake in November in year (2016).

These are five different groups of people with varying professions, nationalities, ages and cultural backgrounds. They initiated their own studies and questions about arts with distinctive research approaches and artistic viewpoints. The Exhibition is thus divided into three units. Firstly, in the form of paintings: 1. Simplicity – landscape and figure paintings about the Lugu Lake and Mosuo people; 2. Inquiry – paintings that advocate environmental protection; and 3. Transcendentality – contemporary paintings of traditional Mosuo culture, art and mythology. Secondly, in the form of real objects: Authenticity – presentation of traditional Mosuo people’s life. And thirdly, in the form of images and texts: Historicity – theoretical researches of the lifestyle of the Mosuo people and their oral history and mythology. Also, performances of Mosuo folk singers and dancers were featured on the Exhibition opening ceremony.

With 5-year of study and creation, everyone has been discovering the beauty of nature and humanity through the eye of art. With prudent observation and objective questioning, they have learned from the traditional murals in the past. The artistic exchanges that transcend time and space were taking place. It’s my hope that every participant and audience would come to realize that Lugu Lake is a blest paradise of the trinity of Heaven and Earth and Man.

● Dr. Gao Xiang, China Central Academy of Fine Arts

       2016年11月17日凌晨5点,昆明刚入初冬,位于春城西北方的高原明珠泸沽湖正在格姆女神山的怀抱之中渐渐苏醒,此时的昆明长水机场里中央美院油画专业博士高翔和挪威艺术家Alfred Vaagsvold以及16位中国青年艺术家正在办理去往泸沽湖扎实村的所用画框托运,另外4位中国青年艺术家已经在丽江等待与他们汇合。






在我们来扎实村当天,意大利人类学博士Stefania Renda已经受邀前往泸沽湖的另一边四川达组村她的朋友次尔和娜姆家做客,我们也受邀前往。当天我们也是带着大大小小的油画框前去写生,在那里我们遇到了公高老师和高翔老师的老朋友杨娜姆,她给我们当了一天的模特。11月23号瑞典艺术家Christina Hallstrom和青年艺术家王蓓也前来与我们汇合。

11月24日孟加拉艺术家Bishwajit Goswami、Tania Sultana、Mongmongsho和此次展览学术主持赵星垣老师也来到了扎实村,当天正好是永宁扎美寺纪念宗喀巴大师诞辰659周年法会,大家被扎美寺的绝美的壁画和法会震撼到了。下午的时候大家在扎美寺画了一下午,晚上还举行了点灯仪式,喇嘛们围着酥油灯念诵经文,悠远的经声在寺庙上空飘荡。