Art profile of Xiaocen Yuan

Xiaocen Yuan, born in Pu Ding in Guizhou province, is a renowned sculptor and painter of Chinese paint. He is a lifetime professor in Yunnan Art institute, honorary President of Yunnan art academy, the second and third director and chairman of Yunnan branch within artist association.

In the 1930 s, lands occupied, political situation was volatile during the Anti-Japanese War; numerous art colleges and universities have stopped and moved around the country. With the spirit of lifelong career in art, Xiaocen Yuan was admitted to Yunnan University to study history and literature and also kept painting. At the time, he criticized the style of copying instead of sketching relentlessly and acted on it by continuously exploring ways to innovate Chinese painting styles on the basis of Lingnan School–“Learning from nature”. Then his own artistic creation was formed out of, but not sticks to traditions. From 1938, after held an exhibition about anti-Japanese movement, Xiaocen Yuan’s paintings have ascended to a new height in the subsequent 70 years of his art career, marked by a breakthrough in pioneering freehand painting of peacocks in traditional Chinese paintings. He broke the old pattern through expressing animals like cattle, horses, cranes, pigeons, ducks, and all kinds of birds, formed a distinctive aesthetic views and personal style that with both high academic value and public affection. Himself and his work paved the way for the future of Chinese modern flower-and-bird painting, and made great contribution to the cause of Chinese fine arts.

Mr Xiaocen Yuan is an artist aware of social responsibilities, he never forget to use the conscience as a ‘people’s artist’ and his keen insight to show love to the party, the government and the people through sculpture creations. With benefit from attainment of Chinese painting, he combined both lining skill and “lively spirit” from it together with expression technique of emphasizing on surface of the block from western sculpture, to creatively enrich his works with a way of infusing essence of Oriental culture into the western modern arts sculpture. The famous esthetician and critics, Chaowen Wang referenced Xiezhi Liu”s “harmoniously blended” conception, to comment on Xiaocen Yuan’s work and recommended him to hold the first personal sculpture exhibition in National Art Museum after the founding of new China, in May 1964 in Beijing. After that Xiaocen Yuan participated in the painting event initiated by Premier Zhou for completion of the new Beijing Hotel, together with 10 other artists that organized by Beijing Chinese Painting Research Institute.

With refined background as a foil, Xiaocen Yuan’s designs of sculptures have highly concentrated themes, which have made his work exquisite and concise. His paintings emphasize on simple topic composition, the artistic conception and verve supplement each other with his sculpture, and this is the reason that Xiaocen Yuan’s art is unique.